A Journey Towards Parenthood

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The psychological trauma and pain a couple goes through when they cannot realize their dream of becoming a parent is unbearable. And the pressure they have to face from family and acquaintances add on to their problems. However, there is a solution to their misery in the form of In vitro fertilization.

Nowadays, in India, this fantastic procedure is in high demand and is well within your budget. Like the IVF cost in Mumbai is economical and you have a wide range of clinics to choose from.

Does Mumbai live up to the reputation of being the best place for fertility treatment?

There is no doubt about it as Mumbai is the best place for any medical treatment and the same goes for IVF treatment as well. Here you will find ample of clinics and hospitals that cater exclusively to fertility treatments.

You can easily choose the best IVF centre in Mumbai according to your preference and need. Most of the centres have top class IVF specialists having years of experience. If you are looking for advanced fertility procedures or had previous failed IVF cycles then Mumbai is the place to be as you are sure to get optimum treatment.

What is the actual cost of this treatment?

Well, it all depends on the clinic you choose and the experience of the doctor. Mostly, the cost of IVF is approximately between Rs.150000.00 to Rs.250000.00.  However, there are centres which may charge less or more than the above-mentioned price.

The infrastructure of the clinic, its popularity, the location and most importantly the experience and expertise of the doctor all have a major role to play when it comes to the final cost of the treatment.

Also, there are various added procedures and treatments that will boost your chances of having a successful IVF cycle which results in having your bundle of joy. But these procedures come at an added cost which will increase your overall budget for the treatment.

You must be wondering what these treatments are and how much do they cost.

Well, we have listed some of the highly popular ones for your reference:

ICSI – Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection is a more advanced form of IVF wherein the doctor injects a sperm directly into the egg. This increases the chances of fertilization and also the doctor can choose the best eggs and sperms for this procedure. However, you will have to pay extra for this procedure.

Frozen Embryo Transfer – This procedure involves using the frozen embryos from your previous IVF cycle. These embryos are thawed and transferred to your uterus. This procedure cost around Rs.40000.00 to 50000.00 which is a lot less than an IVF cycle as here you do not have to take the costly hormonal medications nor do you have to undergo the egg retrieval process.


Laser Assisted Hatching – This advanced treatment helps to overcome the problem of hard zona pellucid that is the eggshell which tends to harden for women above 37years or if you are using frozen embryos. This treatment helps to soften the zona pellucid so that it can easily hatch and the embryos can attach itself to the uterus. This procedure will set you back by approximately Rs.18000.00 to 22000.00.

The above-mentioned procedures are just a few advanced fertility treatments but there are many more and with the passing years it keeps on getting more advanced.

Is there any IVF Centre in Mumbai that caters to the common man?

Yes, there are several clinics that are economical and one among them is Saraogi Hospital. The IRIS IVF Centre at this hospital was established with the sole aim of providing IVF treatment to all the people. Since 1990, it has served more than 15000 people who had issues with conceiving. It has some of the best doctors like the founder Dr. R. M. Saraogi and Dr. Mohit Saraogi who is a double gold medalist for fertility treatment.

They provide the best services when it comes to fertility treatment that too at pocket-friendly rates. They have a variety of IVF packages which you can choose from. Like normal IVF for one cycle will cost you around Rs.90000.00 to 100000.00 and IVF with two cycles will be around Rs.150000.00 to 170000.00. They also have something called budget IVF which will cost you approximately Rs.75000.00 to 85000.00.

So if you are looking out for a reputed IVF centre then you should surely consider Clinicspots as it has all the requisite factors which are needed for a successful IVF treatment.

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