What Are The Reasons For Not Losing Weight

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Obesity is the biggest problem for the weight gaining person. For weight loss you will be trying different activities like eating diet food, daily exercising, etc. but still there is no improvement in weight loss. So, there must be some frustrating results in not losing your weight. Here is the list of reasons why you are not losing the weight due to improper habits –

  1. Insufficiency of Drinking Water

75 percent of the body is filled with water. Water helps to keep the cells turgid and helps in proper functioning of biological reactions and functions, absorption and digestion, transportation of chemicals and toxin flushing out. When you drink insufficient water then these functions are not properly carried out which ultimately results in the slowdown of metabolism process, different proteins and toxins are generated, digestion activity is prohibited. If you want to lose weight then digestion, metabolism, excretion and cell functions should be maintained at high levels. If you failed to drink adequate water then this is next to impossible. So, try to drink 3-4 liters of water daily. Drink more water if you are daily doing workout exercise.

  1. Improper sleep

Lack of sleep less than 7 hours can lead to weight gain.  As our brain is constantly working and it needs rest for functioning body properly. Also, if you are working out then your muscles tear and wear. They get repaired only when they rest and sleep. Not enough sleep may lead to fatigueless, imbalance of hormones, reflex slow lessens and gaining weight. So, it’s better to have early dinner at 7-7.30 pm and slept by 10-10.30 pm. This will help in staying the late night up and late-night eating. Moreover, you will wake up early for making breakfast, exercise and meditation.

  1. Eating Often

Weight loss is actually how many calories intake versus how many calories burnt. Even you think that you are maintaining a healthy diet, it’s very easy to track how many calories you’re eating daily. This may seem improper, but survey states that people who usually track calorie intake fail to track outside eating of calories. Careful tracking of diet is the ultimate solution for it to know how much you are eating.

  • Determine how many calories you required to lose weight or use an online calorie calculator to track your weight.

  • Maintain a food diary so that you can measure daily proportions of intake while eating or use a food diary app.

  • Analysis of the diet can be made through online websites which helps in the breakdown of calories as well as the percentage of different nutrients intake.

  1. Stress Out

Stress and Weight Gain, or loss of weight goes parallel with it. Though you are unaware of these things, being under continuous stress has different aspects –

  • Skipping out daily workout of exercises due to stress.

  • Increases in development of cortisol which increases appetite causing extra fats to be generated around the abs due to lack of sleep.

  • Comfort foods make us feel good instead of carvings of food which are high in sugar and fat.

  1. Desk Job

If you are having a desk job then probably you would be sitting in one place at least 8 hours a day and that’s what is prohibiting from weight loss. Sitting continuously at one place at long hours will probably hamper your metabolism process and may cause every food to get converted into fats. This is why people have belly fats and lower body fat that have desk jobs. You should start to roam here and there to keep the metabolism going and help the circulatory system transport oxygen, food, and water in body and flush out harmful toxins from the body.

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