IV injection therapy and flu relief

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The rising popularity of IV hydration has led to different new applications for this convenient in-home therapy. But even further than applications such as hangover treatments, jet leg, migraines, and exhaustion, there have been latest innovations involving IV treatment for the flu in particular. At least twice a year people are hit by the flu in a big infection wave.

Consequently, people behind IV injection therapy have seen fit to come with IV hydration cocktails that take only 45 minutes to deliver a combination of nutrients and vitamins that will neutralize many of the symptoms of the flu.

How IV hydration therapy works

Fall marks the starting the flu and cold season. Although there are many integrative approaches to treating these viruses, now is the time to target on prevention. Best personal hygiene such as continue hand washing, getting plenty of sleep and a fit diet are key steps to fighting off these bugs before they take hold. Anyway, a robust immune system is your top defense against injection.

Our defense system is supported by optimal nutrition and one way to get that is with IV nutritional therapy. Because IV therapy get rid of the gut, IVs in the keys can provide nutrients in much higher concentrations than oral vitamins. Defense boosting nutrients such as Vitamin B, C, selenium, zinc, and glutathione can be used safely. These nutrient IVs are supportive for many people during the flu and cold season especially people with increased danger such as parents of little children, health care workers and people who travel frequently.

IV hydration and flu facts

One thing people disregard when it comes to dealing with the flu is that a high level of hydration is essential for fighting the symptoms and stopping the sickness in the primary place. IV hydration can deliver the top amount of fluids into the body to help you fight the flu in about forty-five minutes. The symptoms of the flu such as sinus congestion, fever, body aches, sore throats, and cough are generally caused inflammatory tissues that can actually be treated by the application of the IV injection therapy.

IV injection therapy helps to take of the flu symptoms. Anyway, it also does a best job of pushing out the toxins that can contribute to flu suffers feeling sluggish in sick, while replenishing the important vitamins and nutrients in your body and hydrating your system.

Be are some of IVs that are used to help to get rid of infections and help in healing when you are already ill.

  • An IV vitamin C infusion can provide Vitamin C in doses much higher than oral Vitamin C. Vitamin C is one of the most vital immune nutrients can stimulate white blood work, support detoxification, and help in wound healing.
  • Glutathione is found in everybody cell. It is a very vital antioxidant also involved in most of the big detox pathways. The body’s used for glutathione rises during infection, with toxin exposure and during times of increased worry. Glutathione is badly absorbed orally so IV in the keys administration is one of the best ways to get high levels into the body.

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