Fighting Counterfeits with a Pharmaceutical Track and Trace System

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The pharmaceutical industry has been subject to counterfeit drugs due to disruption in the supply chain. This issue has affected drug companies on a global scale. The global counterfeit trade is reportedly worth billions, which means the threat level of counterfeit drugs in the market is significantly high. This prevalence is attributed to the expansion of supply chains to meet global customer needs.

The Track and Trace System

According to the World Health Organization, around 30% of the drugs that are sold in developing regions such as Latin America and Asia are counterfeits. There are legislations put in place to deal with this problem in many countries, but it is still deeply rooted. For pharmaceutical manufacturers to protect their supply chains and in turn their consumers, they need to implement the track and trace system.

This is a system that is designed to weed out counterfeit drugs from the supply chain. It uses 2D barcodes and ePedigree technology. The system is made of random serial numbers that are placed on every single drug pack. When the drug is being manufactured, a serial number is entered into the system and the system tracks that serial number throughout the supply chain up to the point when it reaches the consumer.

For the system to work, the drug needs to be checked before it is dispensed to any patient. Consumers can also verify the authenticity of the drugs by sending the serial number of on the pack to the number that is given. Pharmaceutical companies use track and trace software such as rfXcel that is available to help them with this process.

The Track and Trace Software

The software helps drug companies to identify when and where the drugs are authenticated so that they can understand their market better. On the other hand, consumers can authenticate drugs easily on their mobile phones. This is a simple, but powerful solution for the counterfeit issue that has been paging the drug market for a long time.

It is important that pharmaceutical companies adopt this technology and implement it in their operations. The consumer deserves to receive the right drug upon purchase and it is the duty of the supplier to ensure that this is possible. The technology not only affordable but also easy to integrate into the system being used by a company.

Government Regulations

The United States Government, as well as the European Union, were the first to champion the use of a track and trace system and later made it a requirement that companies needed to follow. The regulations put in place sparked the need for this system to be incorporated in the drug manufacturing process. Ultimately, the goal is to make this system the global standard for the pharmaceutical industry.

The drug distribution supply chain’s need for protection is mandatory in the fight against counterfeits. It is great for security measures to put in place in any business but most of all it is important to protect your customers from fake products. Counterfeit drugs can be completely harmful to patients who are desperately in need of the proper drugs to get better. This new era of vigilance continues to improve the odds of ending the counterfeit drug business.

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