Sedation Dentistry: A revolution in dentistry field

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Are you afraid of going to the dentist for oral checkup? Are you afraid of pain during the process? Are you afraid of injecting needles in your mouth. Then its time to say good bye to all of your fears and say hello to sedative dentistry.

Well what is sedative dentistry? Sedative dentistry is a new revolutionary oral checkup in which dentist sedate the patients before any oral surgery so that the patient does not feel any pain or fear of the procedure. Good thing is that you won’t even remember that you had pain during the surgery.

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 Is Sedation Dentistry A safe process?

Does cleaning or root canal make you all depressed and anxious with fear of pain?

Do you like to have toothache and fear or injections when you step into dentist’s office? This injection fear makes people suffer from pain but don’t let them to visit a doctor.

For those people with injection phobia this sedation dentistry is perfect. They don’t feel any kind of pain during plague, or root canal or any other teeth issues. Sedation makes them feel dizzy and make the pain sensation bearable. It is safe because itdoes not include harsh chemicals. And its usage depends on how much a patient is sensitive to pain.

This procedure is also known as sleep dentistry. It makes the nerves relax and sensations dizzy. But people are not actually asleep in the procedure but are awake but in obtunded state.

The levels of sedation used include:

Minimal sedation

Patient is in relaxed situation and does not feel much pain

Moderate sedation

Patient is in reduced consciousness and may slur something but does not remember entirely bout the procedure or what they have said.

Deep sedation

Patient is on the brick of consciousness, awakened but does not remember what is happening.

General anaesthesia

Patient is completely unaware of what is happening and is unconscious.

Types of sedation are used in dentistry:

Following sedations are commonly used in dentistry

Minimal sedation

Nitrous oxide along with oxygen is inhaled to the patient . This gas helps patient to get relax. The result of the gas wears of easily. Patient remain awake and consciousness during and after the procedure.

Oral sedation

In this the sedation is given orally. Mostly Halcion is given that makes the patient drowsy but awake. They can fall asleep easily but can be easily wake up by just a shake

Moderate sedation

This sedation is mostly given by veins. It is considered as the fast action sedation. It does not distort consciousness properly. In this procedures dentist or a professional control the amount of sedation.

Deep sedation and general anaesthesia

These sedations will make you completely dizzy and put you in deep sleep. And if the general anesthesia is used then medication is required to wake the patient up after the procedure. After the procedure you might not remember anything.

These procedures are done by a professional experienced dentist. To get the best of this procedure visit best Snoqualmie dentist.

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