Reasons to Replace Dental Fillings 

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The purpose of a dental filling is to restore teeth damaged by decay, cavities or damage. The filling, made of composite, glass ionomer or ceramic material that resembles the color of natural teeth, fills the holes in the teeth so they can function properly. Silver amalgam filling are sometimes used. This is silver material that fills the holes in the teeth. Regardless of the type of material used, dental fillings don’t always last forever. 

A Dental Filling May Fall out of the Tooth 

Yes, a dental filling can literally fall out of the natural tooth. It doesn’t mean that the filling was placed in the tooth improperly. This can happen for several reasons. For example, the person bites down too hard and breaks the filling. 

Simple Wear and Tear Ruins the Filling 

A filling can typically last for 15 years or longer. Unfortunately, it may need to be replaced within five years because of normal wear and tear. This means eating hard foods and the pressure of biting down can wear out the filling. 

The Filling in the Tooth Cracks, but not the Tooth Itself 

A cracked filling means the natural tooth is perfect, but the filling inside or on the tooth cracks. This often happens with amalgam and composite fillings. The crack in the filling can occur shortly after it was placed or much later. 

The Dental Filling Leaks which can Cause Further Decay 

The thought of a leaked filling may make a person think of a liquid coming from the filling or tooth. That doesn’t happen. When a filling leaks, the filling does not cover over the entire tooth properly. The filling should have a tight fit. If there is a slight opening, saliva and debris can seep into the tooth. The debris and saliva can cause tooth sensitivity, decay or discoloration. 

Composite and amalgam fillings are most likely to leak. Amalgam fillings may leak after it is placed into the tooth. An individual may notice their tooth is sensitive to the cold for two or three weeks. It may disappear after that time. Leaked composite fillings are contaminated by saliva. The material weakens and allows gaps to form where the filling and tooth meet. 

Determining if a Replacement Filing is Needed 

Prior to removing the old filling, the dentist Milwaukie OR will discuss with their patient various treatment options. This means the dentist will examine the filling. One treatment option includes repairing the old filling instead of replacing it. 

Regular Checks can Help Determine When a Filling Must be Replaced 

Sometimes a person knows they need a new filling. The filling may fall out or their tooth cracks. However, they may not always be aware their filling needs to be replaced. One way to keep fillings health and replace any damaged fillings is with regular dental checkups. These checkups allow a dentist to look at the health of the filling and tooth to determine if it needs to be replace. Regular dental checkups may also prevent the need for fillings too.

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